The Best Dallas Coffee Shops: Cultivar, Pearl Cup, Crooked Tree

Although there are not many independent Dallas coffee shops, Dallas hosts some great coffeehouses. These local Dallas coffee shops serve great coffee and have a local atmosphere. Cultivar Coffee and Tea, The Pearl Cup and the Crooked Tree Coffeehouse are the three best Dallas coffee shops.

Cultivar Coffee and Tea

Cultivar Coffee and Tea, known as Cultivar it regulars, serves up the best beverages in Dallas, TX. Serving their own roasts, as well as others’, their coffee is the best in Dallas. The number of baristas who work Cultivar’s bar can be counted on a single hand, and most of them have competed in barista competitions. After grabbing an espresso or cappuccino, stop by Good To Go for a taco; they share the space with Cultivar Coffee and Tea.

Pro: Cultivar Coffee and Tea consistently serves amazing coffee.

Con: Since Cultivar Coffee and Tea focuses on quality, it can take awhile for beverages to be made.

The Pearl Cup

Among the Dallas coffee shops, The Pearl Cup has the most seating, and it is regularly full. Regular and new customers connect over their Signature Pearl Lattes, while doing work. The Pearl Cup is home to the Signature Pearl Latte, which uses a secret ingredient to create a sweet, velvety latte. New customers must try the Signature Pearl Latte when they visit The Pearl Cup.

Pro: The Pearl Cup’s Signature Pearl Latte cannot be found anywhere else.

Con: Some of the seats are uncomfortable.

Crooked Tree Coffeehouse

Crooked Tree Coffeehouse has the most comfortable seats of all Dallas coffee shops, but finding a place in its comfy chairs and sofas can be a challenge. Crooked Tree Coffeehouse also prides itself on serving Fair Trade coffee, which is locally roasted. Unfortunately, the focus on socially-responsible coffee leads Crooked Tree Coffeehouse to serve inferior beverages, when compared to Cultivar Coffee and Tea and The Pearl Cup.

Pro: The couches are comfortable at Crooked Tree Coffeehouse.

Con: Coffee snobs will want to go to a different Dallas coffee shop, for higher quality beverages.

Cultivar Coffee and Tea, The Pearl Cup and Crooked Tree Coffeehouse are the three best Dallas coffee shops. Each has its own, unique atmosphere. DFW residents should try each, to find their favorite Dallas coffee shop.

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