Cut Benefits for the Unemployed: My Jobs Plan for the Jobless U.S.

COMMENTARY | I am tired of hearing politicians talk about their jobs plans. All Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and the other presidential candidates do is dress up the phrase, “My jobs plan will create jobs in the U.S. by….” They have their own way of saying they will help the U.S.’s jobless situation, but it is just talk to me. I have a jobs plan that will work.

Here is my jobs plan:

1. Cut Benefits for the Unemployed 2. Cut Taxes for Businesses Growing in the U.S.

Benefits for Unemployed Promote Laziness

This jobs plan is predicated on one presupposition: Work builds character. Through work people learn discipline and responsibility. Without work, these admirable characteristics are not developed. Therefore, work is good and should be encouraged by the government.

Benefits for unemployed people perpetuate the U.S.’s jobless problem. As long as there are benefits for the unemployed, those in the U.S. who are jobless have little incentive to work. Thus, unemployment checks cause stagnation of the country’s character.

Consider the World War veterans. They are remembered as hard-working people, who have character and integrity. They understand the value of an honest day’s labor. In contrast, the most recent generation of college graduates is regarded as lazy, mooching off their parents. What is different between these two generations? One had to work; one has not.

How To Cut Benefits for the Unemployed

My jobs plan will first cut benefits for the unemployed. Eliminating the benefits unemployed people receive will force them to find work, causing the U.S.’s jobless to mature. However, there are tragic circumstances where people need help. In severe cases, the government should provide minimal benefits for unemployed Americans.

I would like to see benefits any unemployed people be given similar to the way food stamps are. Just because my refrigerator is empty does not qualify me to receive food stamps. Similarly, just because a person lost their job should not qualify them for unemployment. Only when their resources are drained, should the government help. Only those without any money receive food stamps, and only those with limited funds left and remain jobless in the U.S. should receive assistance.

The poor would get help, while the national budget is reduced. Over the past four years in the U.S., the jobless have collected $434 billion. Cutting these benefits for unemployed Americans seems harsh, but this jobs plan will help the U.S.’s jobless and the country.

How to Cut Taxes for Businesses

My jobs plan will also drastically cut taxes for businesses that are growing in the U.S. This would be a temporary measure, until the economy was healthy once again. Each company’s break would be short.

This special tax rate would apply to two types of companies in my plan. First, startups should receive this break for their first year. Second, any company that increases the number of people it employs in the country by a certain percentage of its workforce would be taxed at this low rate.

Jobs Plan’s Technical Details

This is my jobs plan. With two simple steps, it would address the U.S’s jobless situation. I support cutting benefits for the unemployed and the corporate tax rate. I am neither a lawyer nor economist. I would ask economists to calculate specific numbers. Lawyers would have to draft these measures in such a way that there were no loopholes.

Jobs Plan’s Benefits

There are three aspects to this jobs plan. First, it would help promote jobs growth in the U.S. Second, it would cut the budget significantly. Third, it could actually be done. This jobs plan is simple and would be effective.

Source: U.S.’s Jobless Rate

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