Tree Skiing: Learning How to Ski Glades with the Right Equipment — Part 1

Tree skiing is exhilarating, but it also can be intimidating. Learning how to ski glades safely opens up a new world to skiers. Here are five tips that will help you stay safe while tree skiing.
These suggestions focus on safety precautions, which must be taken before tree skiing. When learning how to ski glades, checking your equipment will help keep you safe on the slopes.

Use Your Goggles

Goggles are an essential piece of equipment in the glades. They will protect your eyes and face from branches, while illuminating the snow’s surface.

Skiers who are just beginning to learn how to ski glades often leave their goggles on their foreheads. Even if it is dim under the trees, pull down goggles.

Ditch Your Pole Straps

Anyone going tree skiing, must be able to let go of their poles. This is another common mistake people learning how to ski glades make. If your hand is caught in a pole strap, your arm could be broken by a tree. Although many skiers prefer to use their pole straps, hiking for a dropped pole is preferable to breaking an arm.

Wear a Helmet

A helmet should always be worn while tree skiing. Trees are, obviously, the additional danger people face when they ski glades. If you hit one, a helmet will protect your head. Often, helmets are only suited for one head-on impact.

This point is especially important for people who have learned how to ski glades. Greater experience and faster skiing make potential impacts more dangerous.

Ski Together

The joys of tree skiing should be shared with others. When you ski glades, bring another skier along. Tree skiing is not only more fun with a partner, but it is also safer to ski glades together. If one person has an issue, the other partner can provide assistance or go find help.

Remaining in sight of each other is ideal, but skiers can also rely on voice contact. Leapfrogging each other is a good way to ski glades in longer runs, while staying in contact. If there is no experienced partner available, teach someone how to ski glades.

Test Your Bindings

Fallen trees are a hidden danger of tree skiing. At any moment, you might ski into a dead branch under the snow’s surface. If this happens, your bindings must release.

Before going to ski glades, make sure your bindings work properly. They should be professionally set each season.

The 5 tips on how to ski glades help people stay safe in the trees. Tree skiing is some of the most majestic and exiting skiing. While enjoying it, use the proper equipment and bring a friend.

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