Honda Vehicles: Using Voice Commands

Voice commands make it possible to navigate certain aspects of your Honda’s infotainment system hands-free, thus improving both ease of use and safety. Here’s how to use Honda’s voice command feature.

Hardware: Buttons and Microphone

The Honda voice command system is built on three pieces of hardware: two buttons on the steering wheel and a microphone that’s near the map lights on your Honda’s ceiling.

The voice command system isn’t always on, so you must press the steering wheel’s talk button to activate the system. Once activated, the system is used by voice, but there’s a hang-up/back button that you can use for certain functions.

Use: Reduce Excess Noise

In order to make sure that the microphone can properly interpret the commands you give, it’s best to reduce excess noise when giving voice commands. You may need to:

  • Close any open windows
  • Close any open moonroof
  • Turn down the radio or any other audio
  • Make sure heat/air conditioning vents aren’t directed at the microphone

As long as you take these measures and speak clearly, the voice command system shouldn’t have a problem understanding your instructions.

Function: Several Types of Commands

The voice command system isn’t designed to support a full conversation but instead, is intended to be used with specific commands. You can find a full list of the available commands in the Voice information menu, or the list appears when you press the steering wheel’s talk button to activate the system.

Some of the most essential commands you can use are:

  • “Call” followed by a phone number
  • “Call” followed by a contact
  • “What time is it?”
  • “What is today’s date?”

In addition to these, there are categories of commands for Navigation (if equipped), Climate Control, Audio, Voice Help and Voice Setting.

Connecting a device adds more voice commands that you can use. A connected smartphone lets you use both the Call commands and the HondaLink commands. A connected MP3 player or iPod opens up the Music Search option.

Experience Honda Voice Command

To experience the Honda voice command system in person. The dealership is at Chicago, not far from Des Plaines or Cicero, and it’s open Monday through Saturday for your convenience. Stop by when you can, and a salesperson will be happy to show you how this system works. Of course, they or a technician can also help you if you’re having trouble with a voice command system on a Honda that you already own.