Best Syracuse Football Recruits From the 1990s and 2000s

Syracuse football recruits have been some of the best players. Donovan McNabb is only one star Syracuse University football fans have watched.

Here are the top five recent Syracuse football recruits:

Quinton Spotwood

Quinton Spotwood attended Elizabeth High School, in Elizabeth, N.J. He was one of the 1999 Syracuse football recruits and is among the best wide receivers Syracuse University football has seen recently, perhaps because he was catching Donovan McNabb’s throws. In 1997, Spotwood was selected as the Big East Player of the Year for kick returner.

David Tyree

David Tyree was among the 1999 Syracuse football recruits. He played at Montclair High School in Montclair, N.J. Tyree played wide receiver, kick returner and was on the kick coverage team. As a wide receiver, Tyree is ranked 13th in Syracuse University football history with 1,214 career receiving yards. He holds the school record for the most tackles–13–on kick coverage in a single season.

Marvin Harrison

Marvin Harrison played at Roman Catholic High School in Philadelphia, Pa. As one of the 1992 Syracuse football recruits, he was both a kick returner and wide receiver. Partly thanks to his senior year, when Harrison played with Donovan McNabb, Harrison holds SU’s record for most career receiving yards, with 2,718 career yards.

Dwight Freeney

Coming from Bloomfield High School, in Bloomfield, Conn., Dwight Freeney was not recruited until his junior year of high school. Beginning that year, Freeney remembers, “I got letters from everybody.” Among these schools, Penn State wanted him to switch from defensive end to linebacker. Freeney turned down teams like Notre Dame and Wake Forest to join the Syracuse University football program, where he was a defensive end. He was among the 1998 Syracuse football recruits. Freeney holds the Syracuse University football record for most sacks in a season at 17.5, and most career sacks at 34.

Donovan McNabb

Donovan McNabb was the gem of all recent Syracuse football recruits. He was among the 1994 Syracuse football recruits. While Donovan McNabb played in Chicago, Ill., at Mount Carmel High School, only the University of Nebraska and Syracuse University recruited McNabb. Choosing to join the Syracuse University football team, he became the school’s best quarterback. McNabb was the Big East Rookie of the Year. McNabb was voted into the 1990 Syracuse University Football All-Decade Team and the Syracuse University Football All-Century team. McNabb also went to the 1996 Final Four as a reserve player for the Syracuse University basketball team. McNabb was the best of the recent Syracuse University football recruits, and a pretty good basketball recruit.