The Best Syracuse Basketball Recruits from the 1990s and 2000s

Syracuse basketball recruits have been some of the best college basketball players. While Gerry McNamara was one of the most loved Syracuse basketball recruits, the program has had many stars. Here are the top five recent Syracuse basketball recruits.

Lawrence Moten

Lawrence Moten was a shooting guard and small forward. He was the greatest of the 1991-1992 Syracuse basketball recruits. He was the Big East Rookie of the Year and named to the Big East All-First Team. At the end of his career, Moten was the all-time leading scorer in the Big East.

John Wallace

Playing 10 years before Gerry McNamara, John Wallace was one of the 1992-1993 Syracuse basketball recruits. Prior to coming to SU, Wallace played for Greece-Athena High School in Rochester, NY. As a forward, he was the Big East Rookie of the year and has been on the Big East All-Second and All-First teams. Most importantly, Wallace led Syracuse the National Championship game in 1996.

Hakim Warrick

Hakim Warrick was among the 2001-2002 Syracuse Basketball recruits. Coming from Friends’ Central School in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, Warrick was surprisingly not recruited by major Philadelphia basketball programs. During his four years playing Syracuse basketball, Warrick won a National Championship with Gerry McNamara and Carmelo Anthony. In addition to his impressive statistics, Warrick will be remembered for his dunks. About one, he commented, “It’s one of those things you amaze yourself, you just can’t believe you did it.”

Gerry McNamara

Gerry McNamara attended Bishop Hanna High School in Scranton, PA. Turning down offers from Duke and Florida, Gerry McNamara was among the 2002-2003 Syracuse basketball recruits. In his first year, Gerry McNamara was the point guard of the 2003 National Championship Syracuse Basketball Team. While Gerry McNamara’s stats are impressive, he is most remembered for his clutch performance. Time and again, Gerry McNamara won the game for Syracuse with a clutch shot.

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony, a forward, was recruited by many major colleges, including UNC Tarheels and Syracuse Orange, from Townson Catholic High School. Before being one of the 2002-2003 Syracuse basketball recruits, he transferred to Oak Hill Academy in Virginia. During his only year at SU, Carmelo played with Gerry McNamara. Carmelo led the Orange to a National Championship and won Rookie of the Year and the Most Outstanding Player Award.

He was not one of the greatest Syracuse basketball recruits, but Donovan McNabb also played basketball for Syracuse. He, of course, was one of the greatest Syracuse football recruits.