2012 LPGA Schedule Can Grow LPGA Tour: A Fan’s Take

With a great 2012 LPGA schedule, the LPGA Tour should grow this year. The schedule builds upon a foundation and has two key alterations.

Crafted under LPGA commissioner Mike Whan, the 2012 LPGA schedule is designed to help women’s golf grow.

2012 LPGA Schedule’s Foundation

In 2011, nine of the Tour’s tournament contracts were expiring. In the midst of an economic downturn, it was doubtful whether many of those contracts would be renewed for 2012. Thankfully, Whan was able to renew eight of the nine contracts.

These eight tournaments in the 2012 LPGA schedule give fans reason to believe in the future of women’s golf. As a fan, I would be disappointed to see these tournaments end. However, my opinion will not keep the LPGA afloat.

Eight of nine tours chose to continue their relationship with the LPGA. In a way, 89 percent of the LPGA’s partners showed faith in the Tour. If the LPGA’s partners believe in the Tour, then I, a fan, can have faith.

2012 LPGA Schedule’s Additions

In 2012, the LPGA schedule will hold four additional tournaments. In Hawaii and Canada, there will be new competitions. Meanwhile, Virginia and Ohio will once again host events, which were not held last year. The most popular of these is the Jamie Farr Toledo Classic.

New and old partners are joining the LPGA in its 2012 schedule. Women’s golf is making new friends, and keeping the old ones.

2012 LPGA Schedule is Remodeling

In addition to these tournaments, the 2012 LPGA schedule contains two key alterations. First, the LPGA U.S. Open will be held two weeks before the men’s British Open this year; last year, it was held only one week prior. The 2012 LPGA U.S. Open will not need to compete with the hype of the British Open.

Second, many tournaments will not be shown on tape delay, as they were in 2011. Fans can watch much of the 2012 LPGA schedule live on the Golf Channel. We will be able to see women’s golf growth live, as the LPGA season progresses this year.

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