2012 LPGA Schedule Helps Women’s Golf by Starting Overseas

With a well-crafted 2012 LPGA schedule, women’s golf should grow this year. Under LPGA commissioner Mike Whan’s leadership, the Tour opens with three tournaments overseas. This will provide a solid beginning for the 2012 LPGA Tour.

2012 LPGA Schedule Begins Overseas

The 2012 LPGA schedule opens with three tournaments overseas. Form Feb. 9 to Feb. 12, the Women’s Australian Open, in Victoria, Australia, will kick off professional women’s golf this year. After that tournament, the LPGA Tour will play in Chonburi Thailand at the LPGA Thailand 2012 event. The Women’s Champions 2012, in Singapore, concludes this international segment of the 2012 LPGA schedule.

2012 LPGA Schedule and Men’s Golf

By opening its season overseas, the 2012 LPGA schedule avoids conflicts with the 2012 PGA Tour. Geographically, the women will be playing on different continents than the men. Most of the PGA tournaments during February are in the U.S., but women’s golf tournaments will be in Australia and Asia during this time.

Since they are being played on the other have of the world, these LPGA tournaments will not have to be played during PGA events. While women’s golf events later in the season will be shown live on Sunday afternoons, these first tournaments will be televised via tape-delay. The 2012 LGPA schedule’s first will be shown at strategic times, when the PGA is not playing.

Unfortunately, most people will watch men’s golf instead of women’s golf, if there is an option. I admit, I’m guilty of this preference too. By not giving us a choice between watching LPGA or PGA tournaments, the LPGA is significantly increasing its viewership. Golf fans will be watching both men’s and women’s golf.

2012 LGPA Schedule Begins Solidly

The 2012 LPGA schedule promises to help grow women’s golf. It features four tournaments not played last year and promises live television coverage. However, these events, which are later in the season, will only be successful if the LPGA begins its tour well.

By playing three tournaments overseas, the 2012 LPGA schedule is built to succeed. It should provide a solid foundation, upon which women’s golf can build for the LPGA’s new events.



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