3 Rising PGA Stars in 2012

Iconic PGA golf players, such as Tiger Woods, are waning on the 2012 PGA Tour.

As the 2012 PGA Tour progresses, who are tomorrow’s best PGA golf players? Last year, they were playing on the Nationwide Tour.

Here are three up-and-coming PGA golf players from the Nationwide Tour:

Josh Broadaway

Josh Broadaway is a veteran of the Nationwide Tour. In 2011, his best year, he finished 29th on the money list and made it to the PGA Tour Qualifying School’s final round. If Josh Broadaway’s play improves slightly, he could qualify in 2012 for the PGA Tour. In 2012, he made one PGA Tour cut. On the 2012 PGA Tour, Josh Broadaway could become a regular.

Luke List

After competing in a handful of Nationwide Tour events during 2009, Luke List finished 78th on the Tour in 2010. In 2011, he improved to 38th. He is known for long drives, but those will have to be more accurate. Inaccuracy could stop Luke List from making 2012 PGA Tour competitions. If he continues improving, Luke List could enter the PGA Tour in 2012.

Camilo Benedetti

Back in 2008, Camilo Benedetti finished 146th on the Nationwide Tour. Since then, he has gotten much better. The 2011 season was Camilo Benedetti’s best year. He finished 35th on the money list. More important, he made 18 cuts in 23 tournaments, and he finished in the top 25 eight times.

Camilo Benedetti is known for consistency. Fans can expect to watch him as a PGA golfer one day. He’s played in two PGA events before, but Benedetti could enter several on the 2012 PGA Tour.

These three golfers have demonstrated their skill on the Nationwide Tour. As they consistently improve, each moves closer to becoming a full-time PGA golfer. I expect to see Josh Broadaway, Luke List and Camilo Benedetti enter 2012 PGA Tour events. They are among the best prospective PGA golf players.

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