Divorce, Marriage and Golf: Bermuda, the PGA and the LPGA

They have been together for five years, but it was announced recently that the PGA Grand Slam of Golf and Bermuda are breaking up. Although the divorce papers have not been signed yet, the PGA Grand Slam of Golf will likely be leaving Prot Royal Golf Course in Bermuda for greener fairways. With it, the event will be taking $2 million away from its partner.

Where should Bermuda look for its next relationship? I say to the ladies. Perhaps it is time for Port Royal Golf Course to purpose before the LPGA Tour.

Bermuda’s Breakup

Like many breakups is not a mutual decision. The marriage between Bermuda and the PGA Grand Slam of Golf is ending suddenly. For five years, Port Royal Golf Course had held this event. Next year, it may not.

This relationship has always been about money. The PGA Grand Slam of Golf brings about $2 million to Bermuda’s economy, according to Business Development and Tourism Minister Wayne Fubert. For a $1.5 million sponsorship, the event will relocate. The PGA Grand Slam of Golf might walk out on Bermuda for money.

Is this golf prostitution? No. The marriage between Bermuda and the PGA Grand Slam of Golf has always been about money. Port Royal Golf Course originally hosted the PGA Grand Slam of Golf for money. Now, the event could leave for money. It’s how these relationships work.

Bermuda’s Proposal

The best prospective marriage for Port Royal Golf Course would be the LPGA Tour. Women’s golf is growing at all levels, and the LPGA is capitalizing. The 2012 LPGA schedule has four events that were not on last year’s schedule, and LPGA commissioner Michael Whan has secured major network deals.

Purposing to the LPGA could garner Bermuda more $2 million, at least. An LPGA event itself would not bring in that amount, but the island could cater specifically to women’s golf. It could offer all women free golf and get LPGA pros to host camps at Port Royal Golf Course. If Bermuda were the “Ladies Golf Island,” the money would follow.

While one couple divorces, another is being married. Don’t lose hope, Bermuda. Port Royal Golf Course, purpose to the LPGA Tour. I would like to hear LPGA Commissioner Michael Whan say, “Port Royal Golf Course, I pronounce you host.”

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