Players to Watch on the 2012 LPGA Tour

Who should fans watch on the 2012 LPGA Tour? My answer is Yani Tseng, Katherine Hull, and Lexi Thompson.

Can these LPGA players live up to expectations?

The Best of LPGA Players: Yani Tseng

At the 2012 LPGA Tour’s end, Yani Tseng could rank first among the LPGA players. This will be Yani Tseng’s fifth year on the Tour, and she is coming off her best performance ever. In 2011, Tseng finished first on the LPGA money list. Yani Tseng, who is from Taiwan, begins the 2012 LPGA Schedule playing near her home area, Thailand. I expect Yani Tseng to begin the 2012 LPGA Tour strong and to continue performing throughout the 2012 LPGA schedule.

The Comeback of LPGA Players: Katherine Hull

Two years ago, Katherine Hull was ranked 12th among the LPGA players. Last year, her ranking among plummeted, along with her winnings. They fell from $650,000 in 2010 to $137,000 last year. She attributes her lack of performance in 2011 to “man issues”. Her caddie, Vern Tess, even suggested she end the Tour in March, although she chose not to.

Katherine Hull is prepared for the 2012 LPGA Tour. She has recovered from a back injury, which she also suffered from in 2011. Her grin does not show any signs of “man issues”. If Katherine Hull can keep her mind sharp in 2012, she could return to the top of women’s golf.

The Unknown of LPGA Players: Lexi Thompson

Alexis Thompson, known as Lexi Thompson, will spend her first full year on the LPGA Tour in 2012. The rules, which state LPGA players must be at least 18 years old, are being bent for Lexi Thompson. She is only 16, but last year won the LPGA and Ladies European Tour. Can Lexi Thompson also compete at the next level, the 2012 LPGA Tour? Only time will tell if she can sustain a full year on the LPGA Tour.

Yani Tseng, Katherine Hull, and Lexi Thompson will be among the most exciting LPGA golf players this year. Is Yani Tseng still the best? Can Katherine Hull make a comeback? Just how good is Lexi Thompson?

Only the 2012 LPGA Tour will show us how good these players are now.

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