Replace the PGA Grand Slam at Port Royal Golf Course with LPGA Schedule?

Bermuda would be losing $2 million. The PGA is selling the PGA Grand Slam’s main sponsorship. Held at Port Royal Golf Course in Bermuda, this event nets the country $2 million, according to Business Development and Tourism Minister, Wayne Fubert. Whoever pays $1.5 million for the PGA Grand Slam’s sponsorship will likely want the event to relocate away from Bermuda and the Port Royal Golf Course, leaving the island with no PGA or LPGA schedule event.

If I were Fubert, this is how I would compensate for the loss of the PGA Grand Slam. Bermuda could host the PGA Grand Slam. The Champion’s Tour could come to Port Royal Golf Course. An event, held in Bermuda, could be added to the LPGA Schedule.

Sponsor the PGA Grand Slam

If the PGA Grand Slam earns Bermuda $2 million, then why doesn’t the island sponsor it? It only costs $1.5 million to do so, and then Fubert could keep the event at Port Royal Golf Course. This $0.5 million difference could be combined with an LPGA schedule event, to make up the loss.

Host the Champion’s Tour

Fubert is already considering hosting a Champion’s Tour event. If Port Royal Golf Course is good enough for the PGA Grand Slam, then it is good enough for the Champion’s Tour. This would not bring as much money into the country as the PGA Grand Slam does, but it also could be combined with an event on the LPGA schedule.

Get on the LPGA Schedule

Even if the PGA Grand Slam was not leaving Bermuda, the country should campaign to be on the LPGA schedule. The LPGA is quickly expanding. There are four events on the 2012 LPGA schedule, which were not on last year’s LPGA schedule. The Tour is looking to expand, as women’s golf is growing at all levels. If the Port Royal Golf Course became known as the top event on the LPGA schedule, then Bermuda could tap into the growth of women’s golf.

I’m sure Fubert would love the Port Royal Golf Course to host all these events: the PGA Grand Slam, the Champion’s Tour and an event on the LPGA schedule. However, not all are going to happen. Getting Port Royal Golf Course on the LPGA schedule is the best solution.

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