Server Tips: How to Increase Your Tips as a Waiter or Waitress

When working as a server, tips are your livelihood. However, they are difficult to earn. Whether you go by server, waitress or waiter waiting on customers is hard work. Here are five tricks that can be employed by servers; tips will increase when these are used.

Introduce Yourself

Waiters and waitresses who introduce themselves become a person; they are no longer a server. Tips will increase, as customers realize you are a person. A micro-relationship is built. This relationship will be short-lived, but it will help servers. Tips will be left for a person, not for a service.

There are two primary ways waiters and waitresses can introduce themselves. They can say their name when greeting customers and write it on the check. You should not be a server. Tips increase, if you are a person.

Wear Something Unique

Although waiters and waitresses usually adhere to a uniform, a little creativity can help a server. Tips will be greater, if waiters and waitresses wear something unique. Wearing a pin or fun earrings individualizes a server. Tips, once again, increase for individuals, persons.

Shake Hands

Waiters and waitresses can increase their tips by touching customers. A simple way to touch customers, without being offensive, is by shaking their hands. While handing the check over, shake someone’s hand. This is appropriate contact between a customer and server. Tips often are better, because of the contact.


No matter how a waitress or waiter feels, they must act happily. Customers cannot be depressed by their server. Tips are best when customers are happy. The simplest way to influence a customer’s mood is by smiling; it creates a positive atmosphere.

Nice Weather

Waitresses and waiters should always comment on the weather in a positive manner. Tomorrow is always supposed to be sunny, says the best server. Tips are consistently better when the weather is good, than when it is bad.

These five server tips focus on two aspects of serving. Waiters and waitresses should try to create a micro-relationship with their customers. Servers should also seek to make the atmosphere as pleasant as possible. With these server tips, waiters and waitresses can increase their earnings.