YouTube Video Announces Anonymous to Hack Facebook, Will it Happen?

On Jan. 28, according to Anonymous’ YouTube Video, the group of hackers will attack Facebook. In recent weeks, activity related to people’s rights on the internet has increased. Anonymous’ Facebook attack will be the most recent development in the ongoing battle over the internet.

Anonymous YouTube Video Declares War

The battle over the internet is taking place around the globe. As the Anonymous YouTube Video states, Congress delayed the SOPA and PIPA bills, but did not stop them permanently. Google and Wikipedia were among the sites to protest on Jan. 18. Poland was the most recent site to consider the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), and two hacker groups, Polish Underground and Anonymous, responded by shutting down several of its government websites. In New Zealand, the FBI arrested Kim “Dotcom” Schmitz and others involved with

In response to this latest development, Anonymous’ YouTube Video has declared, “An online war between us, the people, and the government of the United States.” After shutting down the FBI’s, the Department of Justice’s, the Music Picture Association’s and the American Recording Industry’s websites, the “war” is being taken beyond copyright-related sites. The next battlegrounds will be Facebook, Anonymous says.

Anonymous YouTube Video Seeks Help

The Anonymous YouTube Video seeks help from the general public. With specific instructions, people are urged to join the cause and help Anonymous’ Facebook attack at a specific time. The Anonymous Youtube Video claims that anyone assisting will not be traceable in the attack. It also says without people’s help, the takedown of Facebook by Anonymous is not possible.

Anonymous YouTube Video Mentions Resume

The hacking group’s resume is impressive. In addition to the recent attacks, Anonymous’ Youtube Video reminds everyone they have crashed CBS, Warner Brothers and other major sites. The Jan. 28 attack could be successful, but Anonymous’ Facebook attempt will be more difficult than their other assaults.

Anonymous YouTube Video Assesses Facebook

In Anonymous’ YouTube Video, the group assesses Facebook’s ability to withstand hackers. The site’s main asset is its 60,000 servers. There may be more. This is why Anonymous’ Facebook attack will only be successful if people join them. There are too many servers for a small group to take down, even of skilled hackers. However, a large army could crash Facebook.

Will Anonymous’ Facebook Attack be Sucessful?

This is not the first time these computer hackers have attempted to shut down Facebook. In 2001, Anonymous had Facebook in its sights for a Nov. 5 assault. However, this alleged Guy Fox Day attempt was unsuccessful, if carried out.

So, Will Anonymous’ Facebook attack on Jan. 28 be successful? They have the ability to, but the group has also been unsuccessful in the past. The world will only know on Jan. 28 if the Anonymous YouTube Video’s promises will come true.

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