The Winner in Gingrich and Romney’s Poll Results: President Obama

COMMENTARY | The only person benefiting from the Republican primaries is President Barack Obama. As Republicans waffle between candidates, Obama continues to solidify his position. The real winner of the Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney poll results is Obama.

Latest Gingrich and Romney Poll Results

As of 4:00 p.m. on Jan. 24, the Gingrich and Romney poll results showed an undecided Republican Party. Gingrich had leapfrogged Romney in the Gallup poll. Gingrich had 31 percent of the vote, and Romney fell to 27 percent. Ron Paul and Rick Santorum each had 12. While the Gingrich’s and Romney’s poll results indicate a new Republican frontrunner, the real story of this Gallup Poll is that the Republicans don’t have a clue who they want as president.

Of the people polled, 42 percent did not support either of the two frontrunners. Instead of forming a united front, the Republicans are divided. Voters cannot decide who to support, and Republican leaders are acting like warring tribal factions. Meanwhile, President Obama is forming the foundation for his campaign.

Gingrich and Romney Poll Results Good for Obama

While the Republican Party continues to squabble, President Obama is calmly fundraising for his campaign. In 2011, Obama for America, the President’s campaign, and the Democratic National Committee raised $250 million. These resources will be unleashed on the Republican presidential nominee, eventually.

Gingrich and Romney Poll Results Overshadow State of the Union

On Jan. 24, Obama was to give the State of the Union Address. While this speech is an opportunity for the President to highlight his accomplishments, it also can be used against him by Republican talk-show hosts. However, people like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck will be too preoccupied with the Gingrich-Romney polls battle to attack Barack Obama.

Gingrich-Romney Poll Results Battle Helps Economy

As the Republican candidates continue to fight each other, they are pouring millions of dollars into the economy. In 2008, the contenders spent $10.64 million campaigning for the Florida primary. Fighting for Poll Results, Romney and Gingrich are expected to spend much more than that in 2012.

Early during the presidential debates, after a Republican nominee is chosen, we will hear about jobs. All of this money Romney, Gingrich and others are spending to increase their standing in the polls is helping the economy. Their campaigns are spending money on travel, lodging, food. They are creating jobs.

These jobs are being created during Obama’s presidency. Even though these jobs are being created by Republican campaigns, Obama’s campaign should be able to take credit for them.

Winner of Gingrich-Romney Poll Results: President Obama

The only nominee benefiting from the Republican circus called primaries is the Democratic candidate. No matter what Gingrich and Romney’s poll results show, Obama is moving into position. He likely will win the 2012 election. If he does, President Obama should send a thank-you card to the Republican Party.

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