Privacy Policy

On this site, Google and other third party vendors used cookies to display the most relevant ads possible.  Any cookies used help these third party vendors show you ads based on your previous visits to this site.

Google’s DoubleClick and some of Google’s Adsense advertisements, which are displayed on this site, use the DART cookie.  DARRT stores only “non personally identifiable information,” which does not include any name, email address, telephone number, physical address, account numbers our social security number.  People can learn more about Google’s advertising network here, and anyone who wishes to opt out of ad services that use the DART cookie can do so by visiting this site.

Browsers also have options to turn off third-party cookies in their settings, and many internet security products can do the same.  If these are disabled, users might notice an affect with their experience on this site or other sites.  Deleting cookies does not opt users out of advertising networks.  Only settings that prevent cookies will stop a cookie from being place on your computer.

More detailed information can be obtained from the respective ad serving networks by visiting their sites.  They also allow users to opt out of specific practices.