David Ferreira Isn’t the Leader FC Dallas Needs

There is a man on the soccer field. As the match progresses, he becomes more competitive. He wants to be out there, playing for his team. The end of the game is approaching, but he remains cool and collected. He knows his team will win. As the final few seconds tick, he has the final shot. He could win the game. His foot strikes the ball, and his face shows confidence. He is a leader.

That man is not David Ferreira. Ferreira was the 2010 MLS Most Valuable Player; he is skilled. But, Ferreira lacks the mental fortitude to be a leader on the FC Dallas. FC Dallas coach Schellas Hyndman thinks David Ferreira can be a great asset for the MLS soccer team.

I think FC Dallas should trade him.

David Ferreira: The Answer?

At the end of last year’s 48-game season, FC Dallas coach Schellas Hyndman was looking for players to step up and be leaders. Many of his stars had played overseas during the season, and they were fatigued. However, there was no one to relieve them. This year, Hyndman hopes David Ferreira will be a player he the team can count on down the stretch.

David Ferreira: A Competitor?

Last season, David Ferreira suffered season-ending injuries: a fractured ankle and torn ligaments. Ten months after those injuries, Ferreira is going to a doctor for a medical evaluation. If the doctor confirms a previous physician’s evaluation that the ankle and ligaments are healed, then Ferreira will have no excuse to stay on the sideline.

I understand the role of medical expertise. However, Ferreira has been avoiding returning. Initially, Hyndman prevented him from playing for FC Dallas in the 2011 playoffs, fearing further damage to the injury. Yet, it has been Ferreira’s personal decision in recent months to not compete in matches.

Late in the season, FC Dallas is going to need a leader on the field. Hyndman believes David Ferreira is the answer, but he is not competitive. He does not possess the desire to win that a leader must have. All athletes eventually suffer from injuries. The real leaders, those teams can rely on, want to return.

FC Dallas player David Ferreira has yet to show that desire. I say trade him for a leader.

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