2012 Fantasy Baseball: Who to Draft at Catcher

Deciding who to draft at catcher is a difficult decision. Being injury prone and poor hitters, catchers are not the best players for fantasy baseball. Therefore, most people overlook the catcher position and do not know who to draft when they must choose a catcher.

Knowing who to draft at catcher can give you the advantage in your 2012 fantasy baseball league. You can select a good player, while your opponents do not know who to draft. Here are five catchers who will be sleepers in 2012 fantasy baseball drafts.

Who to Draft at Catcher Mid-Way

Wilson Ramos, Washington Nationals

With Pudge Rodriguez no longer on the team, Wilson Ramos’ numbers will improve in 2012. In 2011, Ramos hit .267, had 15 homers, 48 runs scored and 52 RBI. His combination of power and consistency make Ramos a great catcher to draft for your 2012 fantasy baseball team.

Salvador Perez, Kansas City Royals

Salvador Perez batted .311, had 21 RBI and scored 20 runs in 2011. Manager Ned Yet has said Perez will be the team’s starter for the 2012 season. With more starts, his numbers will improve. Perez is a great choice when deciding who to draft at catcher for the 2012 fantasy baseball season.

Kurt Suzuki, Oakland Athletics

Kurt Suzuki has been a solid starting catcher for the past four years. In 2011, he batted .237, had 44 RBI and 14 homeruns. When faced with who to draft at catcher, Suzuki is a solid choice for 2012 fantasy baseball. This year, his numbers should improve. Josh Willingham and Hideki Matsui are not on the team, so Suzuki will move up in the lineup.

Who to Draft at Catcher Late

Willon Rosario, Colorado Rockies

Willon Rosario played Double-A ball last year, and this year would be in Triple-A. However, Eliezer Alfonso is serving a 100-game suspension. His backup, Ramon Hernandez, has not played more than 97 games a season for past three years. Rosario will start some games, making him a great sleeper late in any 2012 fantasy baseball draft.

A.J. Ellis, Los Angeles Dodgers

A.J. Ellis is moving up to the majors. In the minors during 2011, Ellis batted .271. He will not put up large numbers, but Ellis will have a decent batting average as the Dodgers’ starter. For 2012 fantasy baseball leagues that consider on-base percentage, Ellis walks frequently. This makes him an attractive choice late.

Any of these five catchers will earn your 2012 fantasy baseball team points. Deciding on who to draft at catcher will depend on when you draft a catcher. If you draft a catcher early, then Suzuki, Perez or Ramos is a good choice. When faced with limited options later in the 2012 fantasy baseball draft, Rosario and Ellis will contribute.

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