Will David Ferreira for FC Dallas’ Season Opener on March 11?

On February 15, David Ferreira was cleared by doctors to resume full contact play with FC Dallas. On March 11, FC Dallas will need David Ferreira in their season opener against the Red Bulls. With only 25 days to get into game shape, will he be ready to go for 90 minutes on March 11?

David Ferreira’s Role with FC Dallas

FC Dallas is still finalizing their lineup, but David Ferreira will likely take over the right midfield slot. If he plays at the midfield position, then Ferreira will need to be in peak physical condition. Any soccer player knows the sport requires endurance. Yet, midfielders must be some of the most physically fit players on the field, as they cover the entirety of it. David Ferreira does not need to be in good condition for FC Dallas‘ first regular-season match. He must be in excellent condition.

David Ferreira’s Practice with FC Dallas

Undoubtedly, Ferreira has been working out since his surgeries. However, simulating game speed is nearly impossible. Even though he will be fully participating in practices with his teammates, he is not in a match. Coach Schellas Hyndman has said David Ferreira will likely not play in the next preseason game on Feb. 18. Instead, he’s “going full go” in training sessions, where risk of reinjuring his ankle is reduced.

David Ferreira in FC Dallas’ Season Opener

Ferreira is only has a few weeks to regain his form, and a third of that time is being spent solely in practice situations. He is not in game situations. Therefore, the 2010 MLS MVP will likely not be ready for 90 minutes of completion on March 11.

Ferreira will probably start the game and be substituted at some point. It would be encouraging for FC Dallas fans to see him walk out onto the field for the start of each half. Sometime during the second half, Ferreira will likely be substituted.

David Ferreira’s start in the season opener would provide teammates and fans with an emotional lift. It has been a long recovery for him, and FC Dallas has suffered through it. Everyone, except the Red Bulls, will be glad to see David Ferreira on the field.

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