Fabio Capello Resigns from Coaching England’s Soccer Team: A Fan’s Reaction

With former coach Fabio Capello’s resignation coming just five months before the European Championships, England’s national soccer team must find a new coach. Fabio Capello’s resignation was caused by a controversy over former captain John Terry’s role on the team. Fans may pick sides and debate the ethics of Fabio Capello’s resignation, however, England’s Football Association cannot dwell on the past.

England must move forward with a new coach. With just five months for preparation, should the new coach continue Fabio Capello’s system? For sustainable success, should he implement a new team philosophy? England’s Football Assn. must answer these questions.

Follow Fabio Capello

Fabio Capello was a great coach during his tenure with England’s soccer team. In some ways, he was the best coach the team has had since WWII. The team’s record under his leadership was 28-8-6, which is markedly better than their 2008 failure to qualify for the European Championships.

Fabio Capello had a system, and it worked. For the best results in 2012, any new coach will have to work within his system. There is not enough time to successfully institute a new system for 2012. Any attempt to do so would result in a disappointing year. Therefore, a coach who is familiar with Fabio Capello and his ideas would be best for the 2012 European Championships. Perhaps a former player or another coach who has worked with Fabio Capello would be well-suited for the job.

Forget Fabio Capello

Any coach who is going to have continued success with England’s soccer team will have use his own insights and ideas. They cannot merely be a Fabio Capello clone. Some fans might want to see England sacrifice this year to rebuilding, and begin from scratch with a new coaching staff. If England wants to be prepared for the 2014 World Cup, their team will need a methodology which is their own. A former coach’s ideas will not win England the World Cup.

Interim Coach

Fans of English soccer do not want to see this season sacrificed. Yet, they desperately want to win the 2014 World Cup. An interim coach, who would lead the team for 2012, could be the best solution. This year, England’s soccer team could work with the system they know. Next year, the interim coach could be replaced with a new coaching staff. They would have a full year to prepare for the 2014 World Cup.

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