Tree Skiing: Learning How to Ski Glades Better, Safely


Tree skiing is exciting, but can be dangerous. With some special techniques for tree skiing, people can learn how to ski glades safely. These five tips will keep you safe and having fun while tree skiing. They will help you learn how to ski glades better.

Keep Your Hands Up

No matter how vigilant you are while tree skiing, you cannot see every branch. Stop branches from whacking you in the face by keeping your hands up. Although it may feel unnatural when first learning how to ski glades, use your hands and arms to deflect any in your path.

Look Between the Trees

When beginners learn how to ski glades, they look at the trees. However, your skis, and therefore your body, will follow your eyes. You go where you are looking. When tree skiing, train yourself to look between the trees. This will help you avoid hitting one.

Ski the Lanes

As you learn how to ski glades, learn to find lanes in the trees. Look for an opening that follows the fall line. Ski down that path until it ends. Then, traverse the glades until you find another lane. This will improve your tree skiing experience.

Go Tree Skiing in Bad Weather

Anytime it is difficult to see, consider tree skiing. In the trees, seeing through fog and falling snow is easier than on an open trail. The trees disperse the wind and reduce flat lighting. However, if you do not know how to ski glades, learn before going in poor visibility.

Ski Fresh Snow

This is especially important for beginners when they learn how to ski glades. Stay out of other skier’s tracks, and ski in fresh powder when possible. Not only is this more fun, but the loose snow will help you slow down and stay in control.

These five tips will help you safely learn how to ski glades. Using these basic technique will help novice skiers become proficient at tree skiing. Remember to stay in control at all times, so you can have fun in the glades again.

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