Travelling in Australia: The Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Opera House and Rugby in a Pub

Going to Sydney, Australia was one of my favorite vacations. I enjoyed walking up the Sydney Harbor Bridge and touring the Sydney Opera House. Here are three of my favorite experiences in Sydney, and a few tips I wish I had known.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Climbing to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge provides astounding views, and it is an easy walk. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of the tallest structures in the city. From its apex, I was able to look out over the entire harbor, with ships, cars and trucks below. The walk up the Sydney Harbor Bridge was not very taxing, although there are many steps.

Insider Tip: Ascending the Sydney Harbor Bridge is worth your time, but also be sure to view the bridge at night (from the ground). I never saw the Sydney Harbor Bridge lit up. The pictures online of the Sydney Harbor Bridge at night make me want to return.

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is famous for its architectural design. Yet, its form is not purely aesthetic. The Sydney Opera House was engineered for perfect acoustics. Don’t rush your visit to the Sydney Opera House, because there is a lot to see and hear. Inside, the music is wonderful and décor elegant. I didn’t realize how striking the Sydney Opera House’s exterior was until I stood next to its walls.

Insider Tip: Attending a concert at the Sydney Opera House is fun; however, my tour guide arranged a private tour for us. During the tour, we were able to listen as musicians rehearsed. Learning about the Sydney Opera House’s acoustics was interesting.

Local Pub for Rugby

Probably my most authentic Sydney, Australia experience was watching rugby in a local pub. I do not recall who Australia was playing, but chanting “Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oye! Oye! Oye!” with the locals was a cross-cultural experience. During you stay at Sydney, find out when a major rugby match will be on television, and go watch it with the townspeople.

Insider Tip: While I enjoyed the game and company, the food was terrible. Ask around for a good local pub to watch the match at. Avoid chains and avoid dives.

Any visit to Sydney, Australia should feature the Sydney Harbor Bridge and Sydney Opera House. To learn about the local culture, watch rugby with Australians. These experiences will create a great Sydney adventure.

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